What are the basic responsibilities towards society?

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What are the basic responsibilities towards society?

We often speak about social and political issues. We complain and we criticize the society and our fellow citizens for several reasons. We complain that our neighbors are dirty; we complain that our society is narrow-minded; we complain that the things the children of other people are being taught are inappropriate. We too form a part of the society we live in— each of us represents a brick, and all the bricks together make up the society. Thus, if we consciously observe and keep track of the actions we perform on a daily basis, we could be able to determine how our actions affect others and the society.

Our basic responsibilities toward the society are:

  • A sense of responsibility must be capable of driving an individual towards societal welfare.
  • We must stand for the maintenance of law and order and responsibly help people rectify things whenever they do something that may cause harm to others.
  • Tolerance towards criminal activities of any kind is a sign of lack of social awareness and empathy toward our fellow citizens. Thus, a responsible behavior such as informing authorities that can take appropriate action against such wrong doings can make a difference and contribute to the well-being of the society.
  • Altruistic behavior toward the people we come across on a daily basis not only helps people in need, but also encourages them to do the same when others are in need. This creates a chain of empathetic behavior, and in turn adds up to the well-being of the society as a whole.

An individual’s responsible behavior towards society can very well be noticed through his/her behavior towards other individuals at home, school, and work or in any other place in life.  Humanitarian welfare can be maintained when we develop respect for each other and are not influenced by norms of racial or communal discrimination established by many members of the society. It is our duty to behave responsibly and keep in mind the comforts of our fellow citizens, and help each other grow as better persons.

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