Confused About Getting A Crib? Read On To Get A Comprehensive Idea!

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For first time parents, when they think of setting up a nursery for their children, one of the very first purchases they make is a crib. Cribs play quite a big role in the childs development. It is instrumental in providing the child with a good nights sleep, which benefits the overall health of a child. So even though the crib is for your baby, buying the right one is not a childs play.

To ensure that parents end up with the best crib for their child, has put together a comprehensive guide of what to look for when shopping for cribs or mattresses.

Lets take a detailed look.

Types of cribs:

Cribs are beds that are propped on four-legged stands and have cage-like bars around them that are used for infants and toddlers, mostly below four years of age. An ideal crib should be at least 28 inches wide and 52 inches long to ensure that the child does not outgrow it before it is ready to move to a toddler bed.

There are a variety of cribs available in the market that parents can purchase based on their needs. For instance:

  • Folding cribs:

Ideal for small spaces, these cribs are the most coveted ones nowadays. They are easy to assemble when needed, and can be put away after use. The materials used to make these cribs are non-toxic and therefore not harmful (even if your baby decides to lick the bars!). Also, the height adjustment feature is a cherry on top of this perfect bed for your little one.


  • Convertible cribs:

Gone are the days when a crib became useless as soon as your baby outgrew it! You can now get convertible beds that can be modified into toddler beds when the need arises. The woodwork of these cribs is beautiful, and they also meet safety standards up to the T.

  • Traditional bassinets:

Bassinets are the very first beds of newborns. They are much higher than the ground but are made to comply with every safety measures there are. But nowadays, these bassinets come with adjustments that can make it a good crib for infants as well. Ideal for both boys and girls, these traditional crib/bassinets have four mattress height adjustments, making them the best for comfort.

Choose the perfect mattress!

As puts it, a crib is incomplete without a good mattress. Mattresses are, after all, what makes a bed comfortable.

One of the first prerequisites to get a good mattress is to ensure that it fits the cribs properly and that no edges are left bare. Toddlers can accidentally even end up hurting themselves over these bare edges.

Secondly, parents should extra care while choosing the material of the mattresses. A mattress should ideally be firm as well as comfortable. Parents can choose from innerspring and foam varieties. Innerspring ones are durable and are made from coiled springs under a layer of cushion. Whereas, foam ones can be 4-5 inches thick and made from dense foam. However, whichever one you choose must not be too soft because it may lead to suffocation.

Nowadays, many organic materials are used to make mattresses like cotton, wool and the likes. However, there is little evidence that non-organic materials can be harmful to the childs health. So make sure the crib and mattresses are safe, affordable and comfortable to help your little one complete their sleep!

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