How Does Society Influence The Lifestyle Of An Individual?

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How Does Society Influence The Lifestyle Of An Individual?

 A child’s primary source of knowledge and lifestyle pattern is his/her parents and other members at home (If any).How the family members raise the child is a crucial factor that determines the person he/she grows up to be.Whoever and whatever surroundsthe child will influence him/her as a person and the lifestyle that he/she will develop. Friends in school and neighbourhood and parenting styles at home are all responsible for the development of the child’s lifestyle. Hence, there are innumerable ways in which the society can influence an individual’s lifestyle.

Civilisation— societal norms and patterns have provided us with the ultimate framework of daily functioning. The trend of attending school, having our meals on time, going to bed on an estimated time: Is all part of the trend framed by the society. Societal values and norms shape us as individuals.

Let us discuss the ways in which society influences an individual:

  • The Societal norms provide an overall and general framework for functioning.
  • Society provides a set of moral values and all individuals must meet them.
  • The norms of the society prevent us from committing morally wrong acts. An awareness that we could be punished by the law if we do something wrong prevents us from committing such acts.
  • Societal norms and values have often been responsible for making people become what they are not. People strive to behave according to the societal expectations because the society will criticise them for meeting with the societal norms.
  • Societal perceptions about Cast, Creed and Community have always influenced our perceptions to be the same. Having an opinion or a perception different from the one set by the society will be frowned upon.

These are some of the ways in which the Lifestyle and Life Choices of an individual are influenced by the society. Although these norms provide us with a basic and necessary framework, it is our duty to hold ourselves from being oppressed by Mass Opinion.


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