How to follow a detox diet?

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Lots of people often are interested to know how exactly to follow a detox diet plan. People often go for juice cleansers. Juices can be actually good for cleansing your body but if you are looking something for your weight issue, you have to eat some solid foods. can guide you on how to follow a detox diet. These are the things which you have to follow:


  1. No more added sugars: Try avoiding as sugar as you can. Look for any ingredient of sugar in your food. Remember instead of going for fruit juice, you can eat up a whole fruit. No flavored food as these contains high sugar contents. Instead of sugar you can add honey to your food. It can be easily processed by your body.
  2. Include proteins, fruits and vegetables to your diet: Go for a low carb diet hen you are planning for detoxifying. has all details on how fruits and vegetables can detoxify your body naturally as they contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. These foods give you indication of a fuller stomach thus reducing claries and flushing out of toxins from your body. Protein diet increase your muscle mass and reduce water weight.
  3. No more diet drinks: Even if they claim to have no claries but they are chemical for your body. So when you are actually on detox plan, it’s not at all wise to consume these chemical. You can replace it with plain water, green tea, water with lemon and any other kind of weight loss tea.
  4. Add detox food: Other than your regular food it’s important that you include some detox food in your food plan. These include green tea, broccoli, apple cider vinegar, etc. these kind of food have high anti oxidants or anti-bacterial properties.


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