Keep the environment clean by educating the people and society

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Keep the environment clean by educating the people and society

‘If trees gave gadgets or Wi-Fi connections, people would have planted more saplings. Shame! They only provide oxygen.’

In a world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, people forget the basic thing that they need to protect- mother earth. Where climate change, water pollution, and other environmental hazards are damaging the life of human and around them, it is important to take few steps to save the surrounding.

Here are few of the things to keep the environment clean.

4 ways to keeping the environment clean

  1. Water conservation

With numerous factories dumping harmful slush years after year in water bodies, there will come a time when you will not have fresh water to drink. To save yourself from this disaster, you need to stop wastage of water. You can start with closing running taps when not in use and save rain water to water plants.

  1. Planting more trees

Plants not only change the look of an area but are nature’s gift to fighting with various environmental hazards. They help in declining carbon pollution, conserve water, support wildlife and keep the environment cool.

  1. Careful utilization of chemicals

Do you know that there has been nearly 20% of the ozone layer (in the northern hemisphere) that has already deteriorated? With an emission of around 90% of CFC from countries like Europe and u. S, it is estimated that this depletion percentage is going to see another hike soon. To decrease this, you can at least stop using disposable items and switch to washable flatware.

  1. A small change in traveling habit

Pollution is one of the major factors or a silent killer that is harming the environment in the worst way possible. Instead of using personal vehicles, you can either take a bike, public transport or even choose to walk.

A small, considering act can make a huge difference. It is not that you have to remove every material of chemical nature from your life, but lesser usage can help a lot to keep your surrounding clean.

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