Some Fine 6×8 Speakers for Your Car

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These days, one of the most important parts of a car is the sound system in it. Whether you go for a long drive or a shorter one, you do play some music one your journey. 6×8 speakers are ubiquitous in that regard. Here are some of the best 6×8 speakers in the market that could be recommended.

  • Infinity speakers:

This is one of the top notch brands when it comes to car speakers. This is a two way speaker. The power of it is 180 watt. The woofer cone of it is quite powerful. Its quite easy to install and produces top quality sound than the factory quality speakers. The only hitch of it is that subwoofer is not quite up to the mark.

But, apart from that, these speakers are definitely worth the price you pay to purchase them.

best 6x8 speakers

  • Pioneer TS series:

This is also one fine brand. This is priced under 50 dollars. Realistic and crisp sound is what they offer and they do deliver. The sound of guitar riffs or the sound of drums, you get good bass and you can hear them clearly. Another feature of these speakers is that they are quite light in weight. So if one claims that this is one of the best 6×8 speakers in world, then they are right.

  • JBL GTO8629:

JBL is surely one of the known giants in sound system industry. Whether it is surround system or small earphones, JBL churn out consistent good products. So, their 6×8 speakers are also of that same consistent good quality. 93 dB of sensitivity is a fine feature of it. Peak power is of 180 watt that can be handled by JBLs this version of speakers.

The above listed are not advertisements but some of the advices for people who want to splurge money on 6×8 speakers.

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