Tree of life necklace

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Many people are interested in symbolic and inspirational jewelry and a tree of life necklace is the perfect option for this. The tree of life is a symbolic representation that gives the idea ofmultiple different traditions and cultures and has connection to both belief and metaphysics. Even today the tree of life is a widely known symbolic representation of, spirituality as well as a fashion jewelry.

The tree of life is an antique symbol that traversed religions and cultures for several years up to the date and the liking for it is still growing large. The tree of life is a symbol ofwisdom, knowledge and the interconnection among the life from heaven to the rest of the world. The tree of life has been a part of many artwork and jewelry designs among early cultures, like in early Egypt.

tree of life necklace

Egyptian Myths

The early Egyptians used to trust that the tree of life was linked to the idol Osiris, who was connected to the fertility and death. They consider the stem as the midpoint of the worldwhere roots goinginside the ground and branches stretched towards the sky.Recent Egyptian tree of life necklaces and pendants typically shows tree along with roots spreading inside the ground while branches towards the sky.

Today the tree of life is still a significant representation because of its long history and denotations. The huge demand of the tree of life has made it a trendy jewelry theme. Tree of life necklaces and pendants are the most popular form of jewelry. There are different forms of jewelry like carvings, sketches, gem and stone arrangements, molds, etc. Many pieces are available in materials such as bronze, sterling silver, pewter and resin and white and yellow gold.

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