What to do in order to get healthy feet?

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Getting healthy feet at home is now easy with best heated foot spa at home. You can get a foot spa machine having heated function and dip your feet in it to get relaxed and relieve stress. But in order to do foot spa at home you need to have the below tools and equipments:

  1. Tools required: You may need tools such as nail files, mail clippers and scissors. You can also use liquid in order to produce lather, pumice stone to soften the sole and butter or moisturizer to soften your feet. These are a must to change the rough parts to smooth ones.
  2. Equipments required: The most important equipment for getting a glowing feet at home is a foot spa machine having the basic features. You can look for basic features like heat control function, drainage valve, massage rollers and matching your feet size.

But what procedure to follow:

best heated foot spa

  1. First take in the best heated foot spa machine and fill it with water as per you require.
  2. Get all the essentials tools and put some essential oil into it. Once the spa bath is heated up to preferred temperature, wash your feet and step into it.
  3. You can continue switching on the machine. Keep your feet soaked in the solution for 15 minutes. Once your feet feel soft you can switch off the machine.
  4. Now start with scrubbing your feet with pumice stone and brush it thoroughly. You can use other equipments to clean your feet perfectly. Use rollers to massage your feet in forward and backward motion, it will help clean up the dead cells in the sole.
  5. Then wash up your feet in clean water. Then dry it up with towel and apply some cream to moisturize the feet. You can wear socks to prevent your sole from drying up.

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