Why Weathertech Wind Deflectors Are Recommended For Your Comfortable Journey

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WeatherTech Wind deflectors are basically shields which are made out of acrylic glass or 3mm plastic materials. One can clip them on the door or vent of a car using a screw driver. Straightforward to install, they are greatly useful in keeping rain or sleet away from your sunroof. They simply deflect the air decreasing wind sound. This makes your all-way journey comfortable benefitting both air necessity for the car environment when windows are down and also keeping the wind noise to a minimum.

How do WeatherTech Wind Deflectors Work?

Travelling in higher speeds or driving in the rainy seasons can cause discomfort to the passengers inside a car due to both spray and wind noise. Wind deflectors work on a simple aerodynamics principle by deflecting the air or water flow of the vehicles.  When wind hits the deflector, it changes its direction which prevents air streaming directly through the windows.


Keeping the car window open keeps the car ventilated to a normal degree. This reduces the requirement of air conditioning which has a further benefit of minimizing fuel consumption.

What are the advantages of installing Wind Deflectors?

Wind Deflectors from reputed companies like WeatherTech provide you various advantages. They are as follows:

  1. Reduces harsh flow of wind streaming directly through the windows.
  2. Reduces Wind noise.
  3. Keeps the car naturally ventilated without any air conditioning inside the car.
  4. Reduction of drag of air the principle of Aerodynamics.
  5. Fits on the door of the car or the vent without much complication.
  6. Easy wash. Hence, they are user-friendly.
  7. Always have a pair supply.
  8. Have slim-line design which only adds to the outlook of the car and TUV approved

Above all, they are easily affordable. Why waste time when you can give so much to your car?

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